Saturday, January 26, 2008

Clark Update 2; Silva Interview

According to MLB Rumors, Tony Clark could be nearing a deal with the San Francisco Giants.

Such a deal would be contradictory to recent Chris Haft speculation. Besides that, Giants GM Brian Sabean recently said, "I don't know that we could marginally improve ourselves with anybody out there," hinting that he was done with the free agent market.

The Giants don't seem to have much of a plan this offseason, so I suppose anything is possible.

The majority of Mariner fans seem to be against a Tony Clark signing, so this could only be good news.

Lately I have been thinking that Brad Wilkerson could be brought in as a backup, not necessarily as a starter, but that is all speculation. I also wonder if Seattle would go after Ryan Klesko. He would be a seemingly pointless addition, like Clark, but if Bill Bavasi is hellbent on adding first base depth from the left side he could look that direction.

Besides the latest rumblings on Tony Clark, MLB Rumors has also just released an interview with new Seattle Mariners pitcher Carlos Silva that may be worth your while.


17tomlampkin said...

good. we shouldn't waste time or roster spots on guys like clark. as for brad wilkerson/ryan klesko, i like wilkerson becuase he can play a little first as well as outfield and is basically the same hitter except younger and not so past his prime.

jp17 said...

I think Bavasi has said he won't have Clement on the bench just to get a LH hitter there. Nobody else in the system is right for that role.

We'll have to look to free agency for that LH bat, or in a trade.

At this point I'm concerned about it being a one year deal more than exactly who it is.

11 days to pitchers and catchers reporting.

Jon Shields said...

too bad we lost Greg Dobbs. the m's finally have a regular bench role for him.

jp17 said...

Wait, not 11 days, 17 days to pitchers and catchers.