Monday, January 28, 2008

Un-Breaking News: Adam Jones Trade

Major things coming out of Shannon Drayer's blog:

Just heard from Adam Jones via email. Said that he is still in Venezuela but obeying orders from his MLB team and not playing. He says that he said nothing about being traded to the Venezuelan press. Something may have been lost in translation somewhere. Like the last time he was pulled from the lineup by the Mariners, Adam says he does not know what is going on, and that with his winter league team in the finals, it sucks to not be able to help them.

Confused yet? Add to this George Sherrill's denial of being instructed to report to Baltimore for a physical it would appear that we got wind of this trade in the very early stages. Things most likely are still being hammered out and players won't be getting on planes until they do.

This goes along with all the other conflicting information flying around.

So what is really going on? Hopefully we'll know soon.


ellis carver said...

I give up.

I have no idea what is going on. Thinking back, the only thing that seemed fishy to me about Jones' pseudo comments was that they sounded very similar to the comments he supposedly made last time he was told to stop playing. I'm referring to the stuff about feeling honored to be traded for Bedard.

I'm giving myself a time out.

Jon Shields said...

we don't blame you, ellis. this whole thing is a mess. all the other blogs already have their hands in the air, so we're doing our best.. but we're quickly getting to that point too. the sooner this is finalized, one way or the other, the sooner we all regain our sanity.

Rob T. said...

check out geoff baker's new entry. He says he has a tape recording of what jones said and is willing to bet his reputation on it.

Jon Shields said...

Thank you ROb. We saw it, and Patrick and I are actually working on a post that should try and make sense out of the very non-sensical last 3 days, ending with the latest from Baker.