Friday, January 4, 2008

Read and React: Ian Snell for Adam Jones?

While Bucco Blog continues to spit out outrageous demands for Pittsburgh Pirates young starter Ian Snell, other unbias sites seem to be thinking more clearly.


If Neal Huntington can get Adam Jones for him straight up, I think he should pull the trigger.

While some Mariner fans would continue to wince at the thought of this trade, it is much more realistic than the Santana/Bedard-esque asking price Bucco Blog has been throwing out there.

Time to get involved, would you trade Adam Jones straight up for Ian Snell?

I'll comment with my opinion once you guys get it started. [Ia-Sne, Ad-Jon]


Anonymous said...

I probably wouldn't. However, I would rather do that than trade four or five prospects four bedard, and only have control of him four two years.

Dustin said...

I would. Jon you know my history with my doubt on Jones. Snell is an up-and-coming ace, or, an ace in the making. Sure, he's got some kinks to work out, but I mean, what Pirate player doesn't? The kid can log innings, keep a low ERA, and strike a guy out. On top of that, he's only 26. He is also cheap. He's worth less than 500K for the next 3 years.

Basically, our biggest need is pitching. Why we wouldn't trade for a stud in the making is beyond me, especially if it would be this cheap. We can draft a Jones every year. Better yet, we can draft somebody better than Jones every year. Jones Ks too much, keeps a semi-low average and doesn't produce. He isn't getting much better with time. He's also a defensive liability at the moment (not saying he can't improve).

I'd pull the trigger in a heart-beat.

Jon Shields said...

I would have to agree. If we can get a potential top of the rotation guy for just one players, we have to take it.

That said, I don't think Adam Jones would be enough for the Pirates at this point. Bucco Blog said at the top of their post that Pitt GM Neal Huntington passed up a Jones/Morrow/Sherrill for Snell deal last month.

mama said...

No way would I trade Jones for Snell. We have Morrow and a few others that can be better than Snell with some playing time. Jones is still learning, and in my opinion, doing a pretty good job as a converted outfielder. His plus side is HUGE!! I don't think that he will be a bust. I say keep him, go with what we have, and unload some money off the books next season, and get a PROVEN ace then.

Jon Shields said...

mama: how would you suggest getting a proven ace? the mariners are incabable of landing big name free agent starting pitchers, and the brutal travel schedule is to blame. historically we've never signed a big name starter, so it's not bavasi's fault. besides, there may not be any "proven ace" on the market next season anyway. Ben Sheets is the most likely, but Santana and Sabathia could easily sign extensions before then. I am starting to think it's vital to trade for Santana (we appear out), Bedard or, to a lesser extent, Snell.

Anonymous said...

How reliable is the Bucco Blog? I relly dont think if the Mariners offered Jones, Clement, and Sherill for Snell that the Pirates wouldn't be all over that.

Isn't that basicaly the same trade we were offering for Beddard?

Jon Shields said...

Well, it was supposedly Morrow, not Clement. Bucco Blog appears reliable as far as their contacts ad info, but their suggestions are a mess. MLBTR has Bucco Blog as one of the few blogs they feel safe by referecing, so they have something going for them. I believe Snell's price could go down, but I don't know why Pitt needs to trade him at all. Maybe they think he overachieved last year.

Anonymous said...

I thought we didn't even offer morrow for beddard?

Jon Shields said...

I imagine we originally did, but it was just a chess move to take him out of the current offer. The Mariners are trying to get the Orioles to lower the trade requirements for Bedard, no easy task. I believe Morrow is as available as anyone.

Dustin said...

Jon I gotta disagree. The front office has a boner for Morrow. It's not often that a starter drafted out of college hits the majors this fast, and is raved like Morrow. Sure, there are exceptions (Wood, Prior), but I mean, the whole MLB is talking about the potential of Morrow. What they are talking about is beyond me, because I don't see that high of a ceiling for him, but yeah... That being said, I don't see the Mariners trading him unless it's for Johan.

We need Johan.

I really don't think Sabathia will re-sign with the Indians if they don't do some serious damage in the AL this coming year. Honestly, I can see him in pinstripes (which sickens me). I don't think Sabathia wants to be on a team that folded like they did in the ALCS. I don't think that he is happy with the Indians ownership not bettering their team, like the White Sox and Tigers.

Just my thought. If the Mariners would shit out money to get him, I would have no arguments. His contract will go bigger than Zito's, guarentee...