Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bedard Coming to Seattle!

The Erik Bedard/Adam Jones trade is going down, according to Geoff Baker and other sources.

As I blogged earlier, Jones was held out of the lineup in Venezuela and is coming home to take a physical.

"(Bill Bavasi) called me yesterday and told me the news," Adam Jones told a Diario Panorama reporter. "I’ve got to go to Baltimore tomorrow morning and handle things there. I'm the centerpiece of the deal on the Mariners side. It's an honor to get traded for such a highly talented pitcher as Bedard is."

Very exciting to see this deal actually happen after weeks and weeks of speculation. No word yet on who the other players are, we'll keep you updated.

Note: As soon as this deal becomes final, expect the Mariners to waste no time in acquiring a right fielder. The most likely option right now is Brad Wilkerson.

UPDATE 7:36 PM - "We do not have an agreement with the Mariners," Orioles president of baseball operations MacPhail said.

We get it. No deal until he passes his physical, that he is likely taking in Seattle, not Baltimore.

I don't see how these latest reports can be wrong, but this has been a strange offseason so who knows.


Brian said...

I'm stoked that this is finally going down (hopefully)...Despite what some people are saying I think Bedard moves us closer to being competitive because it will give our rotation Top 10 potential...Now we have a legitimate ace, a potential ace, two solid mid rotation guys in Silva and Batista and a good back of the rotation guy in Washburn...

Dustin Shires said...

I love our rotation. I think it's a top 5. Washburn was #2 behind Colon when the Angels were a good team, and when Colon was a Cy Young caliber pitcher. Bautista has been as solid as can be for a 3, and Silva has Washburn/Bautista numbers. Our rotation is completely solid. What I love most, Bedard is a lefty. Last left handed power pitching ace in Seattle? The Big Unit. I love!

Scott said...

Too bad Bedard isn't a power pitcher...

Anonymous said...

i suppose there is a distinction between a power pitcher and a dominating pitcher.

bedard is certainly dominating.

17tomlampkin said...

thanks for reporting jon, you're blog is my first place for info now.

Anonymous said...

it's comments like that that keep this blog going.

thank you very much.