Friday, January 11, 2008

Poll Results: Gil Meche

Q: Now that a year has passed, do you think the Mariners should have paid Gil Meche $11M+ to stay in Seattle?

Yes - 18 (40%)
No - 27 (60%)
My vote: Yes

I am surprised by these results. The majority of voters are happy with the fact that we let Meche go and signed Carlos Silva to an even richer deal a year later?

Silva's 2007: 32 GS, 202 IP, 1.312 WHIP, 4.19 ERA, 103 ERA+, 3.97 K/9, .287 OBA
Meche's 2007: 34 GS, 216 IP, 1.296 WHIP, 3.67 ERA, 128 ERA+, 6.50 K/9, .263 OBA

Silva's Career (as a starter): 47 W, 45 L, 770.2 IP, 4.46 ERA, .304 OBA
Meche's Career (as a starter): 64 W, 57 L, 1026 IP, 4.43 ERA, .261 OBA

Yes, Meche had been susceptible to injuries in the past, but I thought 2006 was really a turning point for him. He has always had top of the rotation upside, and it looked like he was getting to the point where he was healthy enough to put it all together. I was on the "re-sign Meche at all costs" side of the debate last offseason, as the market was thin and we were striking out with our targets (Zito, Schmidt, Eaton- thankfully). We ended up with Horacio Ramirez and Jeff Weaver.

Meche showed that he can pitch at the top of the rotation last season, putting up good numbers with a horrible team. I don't see how anyone voted 'no', but what good is a poll if everyone agrees? [Ca-Sil]

Your thoughts? DEFEND YOUR VOTE!


skoorbo said...

we dont know how to coach a pitcher, if he stayed he would have continued to suck. he has much better balince now then he ever had here even on a good day. he lands on his toe in KC he always landed on his heal in SEA. just look at replays it is clearly visible. (note: the seattle website has like two and one of them is him hitting in petco)

Beast89 said...

Carlos Silva put those numbers up on astroturf. now that his homefield is grass he should have great numbers. our infield is very good so he shouldnt have to many problems.

Jon Shields said...

Both valid points that I did not consider. Still, if Gil Meche simply repeated his 2006 numbers last year he would have been a better investment than HoRam and Weaver combined.

Also, we have a new pitching coach this year. Maybe Mel could have fixed his mechanics. Coulda woulda shoulda