Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who is Seattle Giving for Bedard?

posted by Jon

The first report of who Seattle is sending to Baltimore in exchange for ace Erik Bedard has been issued by Churchill at Prospect Insider.

His source(s) are telling him Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, George Sherrill, Tony Butler and Kameron Mickolio.

As a fan I hate to see Sherrill and Mickolio go, and losing Tillman and Butler in the same trade will be quite a loss, but overall this isn't as bad as it could've been. Remember when we were talking about how many of Jones, Jeff Clement, Brandon Morrow, Carlos Triunfel and Wladimir Balentien we'd have to give up?

Hopefully we won't have to speculate for too long. The official announcement and all that comes with it should surface before mid-week.

Once this all becomes official we'll release a big post about what we're getting and who we lost.

UPDATE 1/28, 9:22 AM - George Sherrill has been informed and is scheduled to take a physical, according to ESPN. Thanks for the tip, Carver.

UPDATE 1/28, 11:10 AM - What do you know, more conflicting reports: Seattle P-I blog


topher said...

Not a big fan of Churchill, thats why I come here. Seems to be wrong way to often, but who knows maybe he will finaly get one right.

Anonymous said...

now lets trade Morrow for Griffey

Jon Shields said...

topher: Churchill has been as accurate as any reporter this offseason. When it comes to offseason rumors you have to realize that nothing is set in stone and anything and everything can change at the last second.

anonymous: ...please no. i'd love to see Griffey back, especially since we have an opening for him in right, but Morrow? I think he could come cheaper.

ellis carver said...

ESPN has updated their story. Looks like Sherrill has been informed and there is a physical set up for him as well. They haven't talked to Sherrill but apparently Sherrill has talked to some of his teamates.

They still speculate that the rest of the deal ivolves Tillman and a 4th prospect.

Jon Shields said...

thanks ellis, you are a valuable reader to have! the post has been updated.

topher said...

"Churchill has been as accurate as any reporter this offseason."

Your right, but that also means he's been wrong alot.

Jon Shields said...

correct, just as Rosenthal and Olney and all the big names have been.

I don't doubt CHurchill's sources for a minute. Obviously something was up when Jones was pulled from winter ball last time. things change..

Anonymous said...

I should also mention that Geoff Baker said he talked to Sherrill after the ESPN report. Sherrill denied talking to anyone to Baker. But Baker also said (this was on Mitch in the Morning) it is more than likely that the M's got to Sherrill and told him to shut his trap.

Crasnik is pretty reliable, I'm sure Crasnik was told what he was told.

we'll see...

ellis carver said...

that was me above ^

topher said...

Will see how accurate he is with his predictions.

Of course if he's wrong, who's to say things just didn't change again?

Come on, you don't doubt his sources, even a little bit?

I believe Rosenthal is saying four players and Churchill's "sources" are telling him five.

Lets just waint and see. If Churchill is right, I think the Mariners made an extremely good deal. If he's wrong, and we trade Jones, Tillman, Sherill, and one other prospet that turns out to be Clement, im not so sure.

Anyways, great job on your site.

Jon Shields said...

topher: most reports i'm reading are saying Jones, Sherrill, Tillman and one other. Yes, Churchill is saying 5, but I failed to mention that he believes it could be Butler OR Tillman, or Butler OR Mickolio.

thank you, btw.