Friday, January 4, 2008

Bargain of the Offseason: Jorge Cantu

One month ago I brought up Jorge Cantu as a player that the Seattle Mariners should take a look at. Seattle never showed any interest in Cantu, who agreed to terms with the Florida Marlins today.

He signed for $500,000.

This is a fantastic move for the Marlins. How often can you sign a former 100 RBI guy for half a million? Sure he has struggled since his monster 2005 season, but he appeared to be on his way back with the Reds last year, and should be a valuable player for Florida next season. If he wins a starting job he could easily be viewed as the bargain of this offseason.

I think Cantu would have been a great player to bring to Seattle to challenge Jose Lopez at second and backup Adrian Beltre at third. Tally another "oh, well" for this offseason.

Blog Note: Today has already been by far the biggest day here at BBT traffic wise, which is amazing because we were at an all time low just nine days ago. I want to say hello to all of the new visitors, and I hope to see you back here soon!

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claude said...

Yeah, Cantu could've been a decent player to bring in to at least compete with Lopez at 2B especially if Lopez continues to regress. Especially at that price.