Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pittsburgh's Lofty Demands for Snell & Bay

We're not alone in thinking that the Pittsburgh Pirates' demands for Ian Snell and Jason bay are a bit ridiculous. Jason Churchill over at Prospect Insider submitted his thoughts on the situation, as well as what he thinks Pirates' GM Neal Huntington may actually be asking for.

Adam Jones, Jeff Clement, Brandon Morrow and Carlos Triunfel? All of them?


That's not as bad as Bucco Blog's six player package that we were talking about, but this is still 2-3 top prospects too pricey.

I think it would be best for the Mariners to solely pursue Ian Snell at this point, but it seems to be an expensive endeavor either way.

“We’ve talked to them about one of those guys, too,” said an AL East team’s representative, “and they aren’t ready to make a deal. They are asking for the sun and the moon, and neither player is that kind of talent. I don’t know what they said to Seattle, but when they are ready to deal either player, they’ll come way down or nobody is going to take them seriously.”

It comes down to the fact that Pittsburgh doesn't need to trade either player right now. They saw what mediocre hurlers were getting on the open market. They read the reports of the packages teams have been putting together for Johan Santana and Erik Bedard. Pittsburgh made one of their better young starters available, hoping some pitching desperate team would overpay. [Ia-Snell Ja-Bay]

Stay strong, Bill Bavasi, stay strong.

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