Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rhodes, Sherrill Agree to Terms

The Seattle Mariners agreed to terms on a minor league deal with lefty reliever Arthur Rhodes today. Rhodes missed all of last season, and may also miss the beginning of this coming year. This is another low risk signing and I see no problem with it.

The M's also avoided arbitration with George Sherrill, so he is now officially signed for next season.

It's easy enough to connect either of these moves to Bedard, but I wouldn't bother. I'll try to sum up today's rumors a little later on.


Anonymous said...

Is rhodes a lefty?

Anonymous said...

indeed. dunno how effective he'll be at this point in his career, though.

Anonymous said...

yea, I think he's done, but it cant hurt to sign him to a minor league contract.

Hey, what do you think it would take to land Houston street?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter, because he won't be traded within the AL West and the Mariners wouldn't use their prospects on a guy that wouldn't even be our closer.

Anonymous said...

it would be a nasty bull pen though.

Would you trade the same kind of package that we are talking about for baddard (joens, sherill,...)
For street and blanton.

Just a thought, im getting boared of the beddard situation