Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wilkerson Update


Can't promise anything, but my source is saying Brad Wilkerson is likely to become a Mariner on a one-year deal. Put this in the unconfirmed category for now.

We all know how solid the information has been this offseason, but a Wilkerson deal wouldn't be surprising to me at this point.

My first reactions were that GM Bill Bavasi was referring to Wilkerson on Thursday when he said, "You might see some of those drop-dead dates where agents say, 'Well, I can't wait for you anymore. I know you have an everyday job for me if you make move-A, but you know what, this other team over here; they've got 250-300 at bats for my guy, I gotta go that way.' So you might see some of that."

We'll keep you updated.


topher said...

Whats your opinion of Wilkerson?

Anonymous said...

Even though some people say hes just as bad as Sexson and will strikeout a ton, i don't think he would be such a downgrade offensively from what Jones would put up in his first full year. I think giving Brad a one year contract would allow us to get Wlad in their slowly so he can eventually become the full time RF. But if we do trade for Bay and he does do well we would have a ton of options. There would be a lot of people wanting to trade for him or we could keep in and trade other prospects.

17tomlampkin said...

ah, this makes sense as well as a one year filler kind of guy for right field. i'm thinking that jones is gonna be shipped off for sure now.

Jon Shields said...

topher: I am alright with Seattle bringing in just about any free agent outfielder as long as it is on a 1-year deal. Whoever they bring in will likely just tide us over until Wlad is ready.