Friday, January 18, 2008

Horacio Ramirez Inks For 2008

It was announced today that the Mariners and Horacio Ramirez have agreed to a one year contract for 2008 worth $2.75 million with an opportunity for Ramirez to earn up to $300,000 more in bonuses. In doing so, the two parties avoid salary arbitration.

The base salary of $2.75 million is a $100k raise from last year. Yes, that's right; apparently you can get a pay raise for being the worst starting pitcher in baseball. Does this mean that Horacio is a lock for the rotation? Absolutely not. The Mariners did this so that they had an option to fall back on in the event that none of our young guns were capable to be in the rotation and we don't sign or trade for another starter.

Hopefully we'll be able to close the case on HoRam in the next couple of weeks by acquiring the ace that we've been looking for.


jp17 said...

I believe that HoRam has an option left as well so we can always send him down to AAA.

Brian said...

I think this is a terrible move...HoRam isn't even a viable fall back option...If we don't get Bedard then Morrow, Baek, or the Knuckleballer (I can't remember his name) will all be better options...I know 2.75 million isn't a lot of money nowadays but giving it to Horacio "Oh No!!" Ramirez is as good as throwing that money in a pile and burning it...The guy simply isn't a major league pitcher...