Sunday, January 6, 2008

Who Replaces Jones?

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation about who would take Adam Jones' lineup spot should he be traded, but there hasn't been much published on the subject. I went ahead and posted my opinion a few hours ago over on Caffeinated Confines.

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Link: If Adam Jones is Traded, Who Replaces Him?


Dustin said...

I gotta go with Wlad. His AAA was far more impressive, also in his first year. He's young, and showed that he can play with guys who are just as old, if not older and just as talented. His 3 at bats with the MLB are just a glimpse of what is to come from him. Plus, he has been a right fielder for a while.

Reed = terrible, bust, majority CF with no arm

Jimerson = can't hit well enough to stay in MLB

Stewart/Mench = safest bets

My Pick = Wladimir!

Jon Shields said...

I think Wlad could hold his own, but I like the idea of the Mariners playing it safe with one of their prospects for once.

You seem very "what have you done for me lately." I don't believe Reed is a bust just yet. It will take another couple seasons to determine if he's one of the dreaded "AAAA players." Bottom line is he hit .300 last year and has more major league experience then Wlad or Jimerson.

I will be excited if Wlad some becomes the starter (if a trade happens), but I will not be upset in the slightest if we have to put up with Reed for half a season while Wlad gets some more AAA at bats.

Dustin said...

Reed couldn't hold his own at the plate in the MLB. That is my only thing against him. He was like dubbed the CF for the future, we trade our ace for him, and he's done NOTHING to better Seattle since. And since trading Freddy, we've never had an ace.

claude said...

Let's hope we don't have to answer this question.

Dustin said...

O'contrair (don't even corrent me on the spelling lol). If we do trade Jones and have to solve this problem, it means we are getting a very talented, capable starting pitcher in return.