Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bedard to Mariners Deal Soon?

Orioles guru and Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal has another great batch of rumors, starting off with the Baltimore/Seattle talks regarding ace Erik Bedard.

Rosenthal and others believe that Chris Tillman could be the player that gets the deal done. He also mentions Adam Jones, obviously, along with Carlos Triunfel and George Sherrill.

I don't want to part with Sherrill. I really don't want to lose Triunfel. At this point, however, I would be ok with a deal that included three or all of the above listed players. At least we get to keep Jeff Clement, Wladimir Balentien and Brandon Morrow, which didn't seem like a possibility early on in the talks.

Tillman and Triunfel are awfully good, but they are both teenagers and the Mariners could be just one good draft and one international signing away from replacing them. You never know how the young guys will develop, and I would not hate Bavasi for making this move. I am still somewhat against it, but it is his job to make moves to win, not to build for the future.

I'm actually a little bit excited. It's tough to lose the players that we've been calling "the future of the Seattle Mariners baseball franchise" for the past few years, but it could be really fun to have two Cy Young candidates at the top of our rotation. [Er-Bed]


Anonymous said...

I also would be fine with that trade. I knew we would have to give up alot and at this point I value Clement more than Triunfel. Clement never made much sence to me because the O's have a good young catcher as is.

I rely hate to see sheril go but I think we have some left handing pitching that can step in for him. Who knows maybe we even give Rohrbaugh a shot.

Jon Shields said...

I'd have to disagree on the Sherrill issue.

O'Flaherty, RRS and Rohrbaugh are no where near his level.

But I can deal with his departure even though i have defended him on here, we have very good bullpen depth from the right side with Mickolio and Bibens-Dirkx coming up some time this year.

Something I forgot to put in the post.. If Sherrill is dealt I think we will sign Jeremy Affeldt, for better or for worse.