Monday, January 21, 2008

Poll Results: Top Prospects

posted by Jon

Q: Who will have the best major league career?

Adam Jones - 70 - ~50%
Jeff Clement - 32 - ~23%
Brandon Morrow - 19 - ~13%
Wladimir Balentien - 17 - ~12%

Jon's vote: Jeff Clement
Dustin's vote: Jeff Clement
Patrick's vote: Wladimir Balentien

First of all I'd like to mention the great voter turnout. It obviously reflects on all the new readers we have gained recently, and I'd like to thank you all for contributing.

There wasn't a lot in the results that surprised me. Without thinking much about it I placed the players in order of how many votes I thought they would receive, and that's how it ended up. I did expect Morrow to grab a few more votes and I figured Wlad would finish in a distant last.

A few days after the launch of this poll I realized that there was a real problem with the question, especially since I wasn't sure who to pick. How can you rank the MLB careers of players that are slotted into completely different roles?

Maybe a more appropriate question to ask would be:

Who will have the biggest impact on the teams they play for over the course of their career?

Change any votes?

1 comment:

jp17 said...

Wouldn't change my vote for Jones.

If I had to rank all of them it would be Jones, Morrow, Clement, then Balentien.

Tough to really get a read on Morrow. His only time in professional ball has come in the MLB in a role that he shouldn't be in. As he becomes a starter he'll lose a little velocity and have to rely on his secondary pitches. He hasn't shown much with those secondary pitches as of yet.

Until we get to see him as a starter at some level it will be tough to judge his future.

Whatever the case I just hope he's starting somewhere in the organization and out of the bullpen.