Friday, January 25, 2008

Putz to Win Rolaids Relief Award

posted by Jon
Everyone that sat through Seattle's two hour long address to the media, either in person or at their computers, were probably looking for the same things. Most of us were waiting for GM Bill Bavasi's Q&A session, over an hour into the conference, to try and find some quotes to stoke the hot stove.

There was a lot of other good info to come out of it from everyone that contributed. Surely there will be mentions of minor league news, injury updates, new team philosophies and other things at later dates on this blog as they pertain to the posts. There was one little tid-bit that is unimportant in the grand scope of things, but noteworthy nonetheless.

J.J. Putz will be announced as the American League Rolaids Relief Man Award winner on Sunday. This shouldn't be a shock, as this is one of the few awards in which the winner is determined by the stats, and not skewed by Red Sox Nation or lazy players.

Putz, the first Mariner to ever win the award, ran away with the title. The Angels' K-Rod finished in a distant second.

It's always nice to see our guys get recognized, and hopefully Putz will be right back on top of the American League next season.

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Scott said...

They're just now announcing this? Wtf?