Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oakland Continues Rebuilding

It's a shame that the Oakland A's are in the AL West, because they've already unloaded two players the Mariners would have loved to pick up. Former Athletics ace Dan Haren was the first and Nick Swisher is the second, being shipped off to the Chicago White Sox for three top prospects earlier today.

I imagine that if the A's were in another division Seattle would have been more than willing to completely deplete their system for Haren and Swisher, two guys that are signed long-term to relatively cheap deals. They would have fit nicely on our current team.. oh well.

This move pushes Oakland further into rebuilding mode and further from 2008 contention, but with the prospects they've picked up this offseason they will be a force in a few seasons, after they endure some growing pains.


Anonymous said...

I think Oakland made out better on this deal. The two pitchers they picked up look great. Is there any chance we see either of them in the big leagues this season?

Jon Shields said...

There's already good chance we'll see Gonzalez next year, but a sure thing if Joe Blanton is traded.

claude said...

I agree that the A's got the better of the trade. If you're gonna rebuild you ought to do it throughly. The A's have already gotten a boatload of young prospects for Haren and Swisher alone.