Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adam Jones to Return to Lara

posted by Jon

Alright, back to the Erik Bedard! Back to Adam Jones! Here are a couple of things I picked up last night:

Roch Kubatko is reporting that Adam Jones is set to resume play for the Cardinales de Lara of the Venezuela Winter league. He was pulled out over the weekend, spawning an overload of speculation as to the reason why. It still could have been the result of Seattle/Baltimore discussions heating up, and there could be numerous reasons why he's playing again. Maybe the trade negotiations have taken a step back, maybe Jones was begging to help Lara in their playoff run, maybe he is only available from the bench, maybe he hasn't actually been cleared and it was a false report. It wouldn't be the first time a report was wrong. Many sources had been reporting that Jones was on his way back to Seattle, likely to take a physical. Just don't write this trade off yet.

On a slightly more creative note, Baltimore appears interested in signing Octavio Dotel. Now, I am not totally familiar with the Orioles' plans or current bullpen situation, but would a Dotel acquisition alter Baltimore's pursuit of George Sherrill? Maybe some of you O's fans that have recently invaded can help us out on that one. I don't think it would, but it is a valid point to bring up.


ellis carver said...

As far as Dotel goes...

A couple things come to mind they want somebody to be the closer and "stableize" the bullpen. Greg Acquino is probably our top in house candidate right now as he has some experience closing games (trying to thing like the O's might be thinking here). Trembley wants guys like Chad Bradford, Jamie Walker to be strictly set-up guys.

If we do acquire Sherrill, I would imagine he could become our closer, maybe build up some trade value and be shipped off.

I don't know that if we got Sherrill or Dotel that necessarily keeps the other one away.

Ultimately, what the O's may be doing here is looking at plan Bs, or maybe pretending to. The O's have reportedly also been talking to Corey Patterson about maybe coming back to play CF - as well as Rod Barajas for back up catcher. So maybe Dotel and Patterson talks are preparation for the trade not going through.

pretty crappy plan B if you ask me, but I guess there is not a whole lot else left out there?

anyhoo, my $.02

Anonymous said...

What is going on, i hear that we have lost out on Bedard and that the M's and O's don't seem to be talking anymore. We need some serious news about this!!!!!!!!!! Wat the hell happened??????

topher said...

where are you hearing that?

Jon Shields said...

I wouldn't look too deep into the rumors and reports that trade talks have died. It was overstated, and likely all that happened was that a deal stalled out a little bit, and they didn't want Jones missing too much time. The two teams seem to be talking, though I wouldn't say a deal is close as it was over the weekend. The Mets could swoop in, so I'm hoping Seattle will get it done.

Dustin Shires said...

I heard it too. I don't believe it. Could have happened, but I doubt it.