Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Angelos Out of Control

posted by Jon

Ken Rosenthal continues to update this particular entry with new info. I thought this paragraph was worth mentioning:
The Orioles are angry with the Mariners for allowing the trade talks to go public. Outfielder Adam Jones, the centerpiece of the M's offer, blurted to reporters in Venezuela that he was headed to Baltimore for a physical, indicating that a deal was near. The Orioles are so furious, another source says, they again might be insisting that the Mariners include 17-year-old shortstop Carlos Triunfel in the deal.

Mariners fans have been getting their first taste of Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos. We've been discussing his massive ego, poor business practices and history of deal squashing; traits that Baltimore fans know all too well.

Adam Jones spilled the beans, so what? He ruined your big announcement so you're going to try and get more in return? No wonder Baltimore hates you, Mr. Angelos. Way to run a baseball team.

I really hope this is resolved sooner than later, because this has gotten out of control.

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ellis carver said...

Honestly, I'm not going to believe Rosenthal at this point. It may end up being true, but neither organization is admitting as much at this time.

I'm with Roch Kubatko for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in baseball believes this deal needs to get done, besides Angelos himself. Hopefully (if you are pro-trade) he can be reasoned with (haha).

Ellis: you're a Baltimore fan, correct?

topher said...

I guess im one of those guys that will be happy either way, but having it drag on so long is killing me.

Dustin Shires said...

This is incredibly stupid. Just because somebody spoke too much, they add another name?

They are getting the player the Mariners deemed untouchable... Why ask for more?

ellis carver said...


Yeah I'm an O's fan and I want the trade to happen.

For whatever reason, it seems that Angelos slowed down this trade. Whether it was concerns over Jones' health, while it is very true that Angelos is a stickler when it comes to the physical, I don't really believe that anything is wrong with Jones - however ironic the hip thing would be since it was Angelos who took over negotiation to haul in Albert Belle years ago who did indeed lose his career to a degenerative hip disorder.

The whole thing really, honestly, could have been that Angelos was not available at all on Monday due to some sore of foot procedure he was undergoing at the hospital. But, here it is Tuesday and nothing has happend.

I simply, for logic's sake, have no reason to believe that the O's are somehow using Jones' word to try and pry another player from the M's, or switch out players.

I still believe a deal happens and it is the one the Bavasi and McPhail agreed upon. Angelos is just being extremely meticulous with the papework, history and reports.

we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Carver: It's a shame you're an O's fan. We're going to miss you when this is all over; you've been the ideal reader.

Anonymous said...

Didn't catch this comment till just now, Jon. I really appreciate it.

I'm and East-side BMore native, near the corner of Greenmount and 34th, in the shadow of old Memorial Stadium.

But I live out in Western Washington now and my daughter is an M's fan. And I have to admit I grown a bit of soft spot for them too. Anyhoo, since I've found you guys I'm sure I'll continue to check in and continue to read the insights since I really appreciate the way you guys approach things. But yeah, if it doesn't tie in to the O's I don't think I'll have much to add in the comments section.

ellis carver said...

again that was me. forgot to put in the nikname.