Sunday, January 27, 2008

Interesting Santana Note

From Pioneer Press:

The Twins tried to get the Los Angeles Angels interested in Santana, but the Angels appear more interested in acquiring hitting than pitching.

It seems everyone has been under the impression that Seattle would be unable to obtain Johan Santana because he didn't want to play on the West Coast.

I remember a report that Santana was upset when that rumor started flying around, though I can't find the link at the moment, so I wouldn't be surprised if his East Coast preference was severely blown out of proportion.

Maybe Seattle is still in on Santana?

“We’ve tried to keep all of our lines in the water to get the premier guys that are out there,” GM Bill Bavasi said on Thursday. “And we’ve been involved all the way on those guys and we’ve stayed involved.”

Don't get your hopes up, but interesting nonetheless.

UPDATE - Now that Bedard is reportedly heading to Seattle this was obviously a pointless post.


ellis carver said...

Just FYI

okay, so I've read another post with a Bedard trade update over at Oriole Hangout. This time a Cub fan who has joined the Hangout to keep up on the Roberts to the Cubs trade talk, posted that, as he watches ESPN deportes Adam Jones is out of the line for Cardenales once again, but this time the broadcasters also mentioned that he has been removed from the roster, it was a suprise to Jones and obviously not his decision.

Again, all of this is just rumor at this point, but... still interesting.

Jon Shields said...

ellis: i actually posted about that just minutes before this comment, thanks though.

ellis carver said...

You the man, Jon. Now I wonder what the other players involved are.