Monday, January 7, 2008

New Bedard Developments

Today we finally have some new developments on the Seattle/Baltimore trade talks regarding Erik Bedard.

Jason Churchill's Prospect Insider is reporting that the Mariners and Orioles could be close on a deal including Adam Jones, Carlos Triunfel and George Sherrill.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that Seattle would be willing to offer Adam Jones, Jeff Clement and Matt Tuiasosopo, but speculates that Baltimore could have their eyes on some combination of Tony Bulter, Chris Tillman and Carlos Triunfel to go along with Jones.

My reaction: When I first read the Prospect Insider report I was a little frustrated with the inclusion of Triunfel's name. He is the best young talent we have, even more-so than Jones, Clement and Balentien. I had actually written this post several times over expressing how I felt about it, but I couldn't get the words down properly.

Now I've calmed down a little, and I can understand why the Mariners may be willing to part with Triunfel. He's so young and raw, and no matter how great he is now it's always impossible to predict where a prospect might be five years down the road. Truinfel won't be major league ready until 2010 at the very earliest, and a lot could happen between now and then. He could get injured, he could drop off slightly, the Mariners could sign another young international stud by then; it's hard to drop out of trade for one of the best starters available on the basis of one young star and all the variables he carries with him. That said, it is tough for me to cope with losing Jones and Triunfel in the same trade.

You already know my stance on George Sherrill. Yes, the Mariners have very good depth in their bullpen, but most of it is right handed. In fact, Seattle's only three major league ready lefties appear to be Sherrill, Eric O'Flaherty and Ryan Rowland Smith.

As far as Rosenthal goes, I wouldn't mind a bit if Tui was part of the package, but I would probably lose it if Jones and Clement left in the same deal. You all know how I feel about Clement, and how I think he could contribute offensively in the future.

I wouldn't be opposed to giving up one of Butler and Tillman, but I would honestly rather give up Brandon Morrow instead. The reason is that Morrow will be placed in the bullpen if Bedard is acquired without him. If this happens, Morrow increases his chances of becoming a career reliever, and isn't as valuable to us. In my ideal world I would offer a package of Adam Jones, Brandon Morrow and Matt Tuiasosopo, possible another if required, and allow Butler and Tillman to continue to grow as starters in the minor leagues. I don't know if Bavasi will rethink his stance on Morrow at this point.

Alright, there you have it. A little sloppy, but I have other things on my mind tonight. What would you realistically offer for Bedard if you were Bavasi? [Er-Bed Ca-Tri]


Anonymous said...

I might be alone on this, but I think I would rather trade Triunfel than Clement. Triunfel could be great, but he is so young. Personaly I would be more upset about trading Sherill. Maybe the third player is Chen?

mama said...

NO, NO, NO!!!!! ugh...what is wrong with bavasi??? oh heck!! if this trade goes down, so do the mariners! jones, clement, and sherill should stay! these guys are way too important to this team now and to the future of this franchise..some people are not so high on jones, but then again, many scouts and teams obviously are..that should say alot about his talent and potential..also, we need clement's bat and 1st base playing potential..and sherill is a proven quality lefty...what in the world?? killin me smalls!!

claude said...

I wouldn't part with Jones in any situation. I think he is going to be that good. I would be willing to part with any other prospects for Bedard if the deal was reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you, but this trade won't be done without Jones.