Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hot Stove: Cantu, Santana

Apparently the Mariners are looking for a utility infielder this offseason for flexibility and to challenge Jose Lopez at second. Bavasi has already explored Mark Loretta as an option, although he'll likely stay in the National League. Another option could be newly released Jorge Cantu. Cantu came up with the Devil Rays in 2004 and was great, hitting .286 and driving in 117 in 2005, his first full season. He struggled in Tampa Bay after that but came back to life as a Cincinnati Red, batting .298 in his short stint with the team. Cantu can play all four infield positions, and could challenge for the second base job. I welcome any cheap competition, especially if they're former 100 RBI guys.

Ken Rosenthal confirms my suspicion, the Mariners may be back in the fray for Johan Santana. I thought this would be the time to strike, and this would be the perfect way Bavasi could move towards contention.

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