Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Report: Kuroda to Sign with Dodgers!

What a huge whiff for Bill Bavasi and the Seattle Mariners. Kyodo News reports that free agent pitcher Hiroki Kuroda recently informed his former team that he intended to sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and could be in LA to complete the contract later on today.

If this is indeed true, this is a huge loss for the Mariners. No, Kuroda was not the one who would get Seattle into the playoffs, but it was a huge step in solidifying a horrible starting rotation. I will go into the Mariner ramifications if this becomes official. There has been some very poor reporting this offseason, and it should make us all skeptical.

If this is true, the Mariners continue to strike out when it comes to big name, free agent pitchers. I have a post all set for if this becomes official. You can read it here.

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