Sunday, December 2, 2007

Guillen Not Offered Arbitration

Though there was little doubt before, it appears Jose Guillen's brief tenure in a Seattle is now over. The Mariners declined to offer him arbitration before Saturday's deadline. By declining to offer arbitration the Mariners will not recieve a sandwich pick between the 1st and 2nd rounds of next years draft (Adam Jones was once a sandwich pick).

There could be several reasons why Bavasi didn't want to risk Guillen accepting arbitration. The Mariners have too many major leaguers on their team, and now they have one less. Seattle wants to cut ties with Guillen because of the recent negative attention towards him. Guillen is simply not in the Mariners' plans. I personally think this is Bavasi saying he's not going to take any chances this offseason.

Why wouldn't the Mariners at least offer? Guillen would probably say no since he will be commanding a multi-year deal on the open market. He says no and we get a very good player as compensation. If the the Mariners' offered Guillen arbitration and he accepted, it would give them a lot more options. Having a safety net like Jose Guillen would have allowed the GM Bill Bavasi to go full force after Twins starter Johan Santana. If he really wants to keep Adam Jones then he could have had a run-saving outfield of Adam Jones, Ichiro and Guillen, resulting in a trade of either Raul Ibanez, Richie Sexson or Jose Vidro. Adam Jones may still be traded, but I've been looking forward to this Guillen decision because I thought it would be an indicator for things to come. Hopefully Bavasi can still manage to make a big splash this offseason, because anything less will not result in a playoff berth.

Other Mariners that weren't offered arbitration: Chris Reitsma, Jeff Weaver, Arthur Rhodes. No surprises there.

Source: Rotoworld

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