Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ben Sheets' Price Tag

Johan Santana and Erik Bedard's price tags both appear to be similar, starting at Adam Jones, Brandon Morrow and Jeff Clement. Neither Minnesota or Baltimore really wants Clement, so it makes a deal a little bit harder. As a mentioned a couple times yesterday, the Mariners have seemingly kicked off a new trade battle, this one for Milwaukee ace Ben Sheets. It's unclear whether Sheets is actually available or not, the Mets were reportedly told he isn't. Milwaukee, however, could be interested in the Mariners' young catching and relief. The "young catching" is obvious, Jeff Clement, and the relief could be anyone from Brandon Morrow to anyone in the current 'pen. To most fans this seems like a better deal, you keep Adam Jones, everything is great. Although this may be an easier decision for Bavasi, I don't like giving major league ready players who could impact the 2008 Mariners for an injury prone ace in his contract year. Sheets has a no trade clause, so maybe the Brewers would allow him to negotiate long term with the Mariners pre-trade? It's all suddenly worth it. We'll see how this works out in the coming days. I'm really looking forward to watching Jeff Clement play in a Mariners uniform for the next decade, so I'd be really disappointed if he were traded for a rent-a-player.

Tidbits: Mark Loretta may have been targeted by the Mariners as a utility infielder, however he would rather go somewhere he would get more playing time. Ben Broussard alone is not enough to get Edwin Jackson from the Rays, as most suspected.

I'm going to try and refrain from posting about Sheets until something substantial happens, as nothing is anywhere close to concrete. We'll see how it goes, hopefully I'll be able to report on some news here rather than just speculation.

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