Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mariners Close with Silva?

Ken Rosenthal reports that our Seattle Mariners are in serious negotiations with free agent starter Carlos Silva, and thinks the contract is worth $44M over four seasons.

This may not be the popular choice among Mariners fans, but did we really expect anything different? Bavasi is taking the money Kuroda wouldn't accept and offering it to the next best (healthy) free agent starter.

Silva is nothing special. He doesn't strike anyone out, and relies on his defense to get the outs for him. Most of the balls are hit into the ground, so Seattle's strong left-side defense should help him out. Despite being a "ground ball pitcher" Silva still gives up quite a few home runs. Pitcher friendly Safeco Field should be able to take a couple of ticks off his ERA, but not much. Silva's career ERA is 4.31, which isn't horrible, but this is not the guy you want to be giving $11M annually. His only major draw is that he could possibly give you 200 innings.

We all knew this is how much he'd cost, this is simply what happens when the market gets picked clean. Think Vincente Padilla's 3 year/$33M contract he signed with the Rangers a couple years back.

I predict the Mariners will get Silva. I have been thinking that he would be the next target, but Prior and Colon are sexier to talk about (if Bartolo "Boogie Bear" Colon can be sexy). If this goes through the Mariners will have a solid back-end of the rotation guy to slot on either side of Jarrod Washburn.

I think that the fact Bavasi isn't taking a risk on Prior or Colon means he may still be focusing on Erik Bedard. Bedard, Hernandez, Batista, Washburn and Silva would be passable. Sorry for the brevity of this post, I have a lot going on today. [CA-SIL]

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