Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Day 3: Kuroda, Bedard

Another quiet day in the Mariner rumor mill, likely concluding a pretty unproductive stay in Nashville for Bavasi and company. Staying true to this years theme, the Mariners didn't let a whole lot of rumors slip through.

It seems the Mariners were the first to crack in the Hiroki Kuroda negotiations, likely offering a 4th year according to the Seattle Times' Geoff Baker. If all three of the main teams involved (LA, ARI, SEA) stayed with their offers of 3 yrs/$27-33 million then there is no doubt in my mind that Seattle would have won out, but understandably Bavasi wants to make sure he gets at least one of his targets.

Other than Kuroda the only other name constantly linked with the Mariners is Erik Bedard. Geoff Baker ensured us that the Mariners are still the favorite with the best offer on the table, but that still may not be enough for the Orioles. Remember, Bedard is not in his contract year, so Baltimore is in no rush to move him.

That may be it for the Winter Meetings. The Mariners failed to make a move so far, but hopefully they laid some ground work. For someone covering the Mariners that isn't able to attend in Nashville, these Winter Meetings were disappointing because of the lack of rumors. Of course, there were a ton of rumors from other teams and not a lot happened. The big news from today was the Dodgers' signing of Andruw Jones.

Tomorrow is a half day to conclude the Meetings. The Rule 5 draft is the big event, maybe the Mariners can pick up somebody a little better than Sean White this time (doubtful).

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