Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 1 Recap: No Moves Yet

I decided to take a break for a few hours and came back to pages of rumors to catch up on. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot going on for Bill Bavasi and the Mariners. Here's a few tidbits to toss in before the start of Day 2:

  • The Mariners have "shown interest" in several players, including SP Edwin Jackson, SP Matt Clement, OF/1B Darrin Erstad and 2B Marcus Giles.
  • Seattle was in fact the West Coast team asking about Milwaukee starter Ben Sheets, according to Geoff Baker.
  • Bavasi has been in contact with the St. Louis Cardinals. Not sure who the subject of those talks were, possibly Anthony Reyes?
  • Jose Guillen has signed with the Kansas City Royals, pending a physical.
  • The reason Bavasi pulled out of a potential Santana deal was because he thought the Twins didn't take the Mariners seriously. He says it's not completely over, and thinks the Mariners could jump back in if something happens. I'd give that a 1% chance of happening.
  • Seattle is definitely in on Erik Bedard, but are waiting for the price to go down.

Alright! The Mariners have a full slate tomorrow, hopefully something will get done.

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