Saturday, February 2, 2008

BBT Superbowl Predictions

posted by Patrick

Yes, we have gone off the beaten path to post a Superbowl thread in a baseball blog. As you probably already know, the surprising New York Giants will take on the not so surprising New England Patriots in the final showdown of the NFL season tomorrow (2/3/08) starting at 6:30 PM eastern time.

BBT writer picks (excluding the oft-absent Chris):

Patrick: 31-20 Patriots

Dustin: 28-17 Patriots

Jon: 34-31 Giants

Use the comment section to post your predictions!


Jon Shields said...

Dustin, Patrick: you guys have no guts! Way to pick the undefeated!


Rob T. said...

I'm a jets fan so this is the worst possible superbowl for me to watch. I'll still go with the pats 38-24.

Patrick Whealton said...

Jon: You know that I have guts and you know that I believe in my gut feeling. My gut may not always be right but my gut sure isn't stupid. Pats are going to win the game.

Jon Shields said...


claude said...

27-20 New England

jp17 said...

Can lightning strike Eli and Brady at the same time?

Otherwise I couldn't think of a matchup I care less about.

I hate both teams equally.

Brian said...

I think all the Spygate shit is just going to motivate the Pats to really hand it to the G-Men.

49-14 Pats

Jon Shields said...

that would be a horrible game to watch.

i'm just hoping the Giants can keep up what they've been doing. I would hate to see the Patriots go 19-0.

Dustin Shires said...

I hate the NFL. I love college football. I love everything college football is about, and hate everything the NFL stands for.

That being said: I do support some NFL players, and there are players a do favor more than others. I hate Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress. Eli Manning is an arrogant fool, and Plaxico Burress just makes every NFL player look stupid by the way he dresses and speaks.

I love Tom Brady.

Jon, it's not that I don't have any guts, it's that my gut tells me that the Pats are going to beat the Giants.

Jon Shields said...

Dustin, Patrick: I was just joking about the guts thing. It's not exactly stupid to pick the 18-0 team.