Sunday, February 3, 2008

Read and React: What's the Deal?

Erik Bedard is seemingly moving closer to becoming a Seattle Mariner, but who will become a Baltimore Oriole?

Adam Jones we know, and most reports seem pretty certain about George Sherrill, Chris Tillman and Tony Butler. Kameron Mickolio has also wiggled into several reports as part of the proposed 5-for-1.

GM Bill Bavasi reportedly sent a final offer to Baltimore a while back, and the names included were Jones, Tillman and Sherrill. Now the offer includes those three, plus Butler and Mickolio. Could this simply be a counter offer, or did Butler and Mickolio replace Sherrill in the deal?

Sherrill is at the Mariners complex in Peoria right now, from what I gather, and now says he hasn't been asked to take a physical or anything like that, despite earlier reports that he was telling teammates that he was to take a physical in Baltimore.

Then there is Brian Roberts. Some have speculated that if Roberts is added to the deal Carlos Triunfel and Jose Lopez will be heading to Baltimore as well.

Time to get involved. Predict who will be involved in the final trade.

There is no such thing as an educated guess here. The rumors and speculation have mutated into a monster that no one can tame, so you'll have to refer to your gut for this one.

I'll add my prediction once you all get it started. Of course this would turn out to be a pretty pointless post should we wake up tomorrow to an official announcement. Get your guesses in before it happens! If you're correct, prizes could be involved! It depends on how many guesses we get.


Rob T. said...

jones/tillman/sherrill/butler/mickolio for Bedard

Lakay said...

I saw a guess somewhere that the original offer by the M's is Jones/Sherrill/Tillman, but the O's countered with Jones/Tillman/Butler/Mickolio. I think this makes sense so it is also my guess.

Lakay said...

Haha, my bad, when I saw the bold print "Predict who will be involved in the final trade.", I wrote without reading the whole original post. My previous post seems stupid, pardon my haste.

But yeah, my guess is Butler and Mickolio replaced Sherrill in the original offer, thus AJ/Tillman/Butler/Mickolio for EriKKKKKKKKK Bedard.

Jon Shields said...

lakay: that is also what I have been thinking lately (and is my guess).

I will be nice to keep Sherrill if that's how it turns out, especially since at one point i was content (more of less) with the 5-for-1 deal that included Sherrill, AJ and the three pitching 'spects.

Patrick Whealton said...

No way. Sherrill, in my opinion, is definitely in the deal. The Orioles need a closer and Sherrill seems to fit the bill. The Orioles don't seem to have a problem with a lefty closer after using BJ Ryan a few years ago and Jamie Walker a little bit last year.

mama said...

ESPN just reported that both Jones and Sherill are in Baltimore and that the trade is final pending physicals?
So, my guess is that it's all 5 going. IMO, too much, but hey it could be worse.

Jon Shields said...


is that an online report or a TV broadcast?

mama said...

TV, First and 10 update.

Mexican Joe said...

well i think it will be jones butler and mickolio in exchange for bedard wich I think would be a great trade maybe the best in M's history nah bringing jamie moyer for trot nixon was the best
jones butler mickolio for bedard