Friday, February 1, 2008

Jones Passed Physical?

posted by Jon

As I'm sure you've figured out by now, there hasn't been a single media update on the Erik Bedard trade talks today that features any fresh information.

In the spirit of keeping you updated, I'm going to go ahead and pass along some information I would normally just keep in my back pocket.

Some of you may have noticed, but Rob T. from the comments sections has been helping us monitor the Bedard rumors over the past days and weeks, and especially the activity over at Orioles Hangout.

On the site's message board there is a poster named Belkast who is known as an insider among site followers. Each of his forum posts are followed with a disclaimer that boldly states, "This post has been approved by my source."

At 4:27 PM PST Belkast posted, "Jones passed his physical, and we're waiting on the exact date and time of the press conference."

This is consistent with what he has been saying. This morning at 9:31 AM PST he replied to a poster that thought he saw Adam Jones in Baltimore by saying, "Very possible. He is in town today taking his physical. Not sure if we get the official announcement today, depends on the physical but it should come soon after."

His stance has been steady. Yesterday he said that he heard the physical was today.

That's as far as I'm going to dive into it. It's not exactly like quoting Kenny Rosenthal or Buster Olney, but they haven't exactly been the greatest sources this offseason either. I'm sure someone will pick up on this when the Seattle media does their evening blogging tonight, should this information prove true. We'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

I hope that this is true. I have heard rumors that this is now a 6 for 2 deal and wonder if there is any validity to this. The Cubs probably won't give the O's Pie and Gallager for Roberts so is he headed to Seattle as well?

Anonymous said...

I really wouldn't expect Roberts to be heading to Seattle, but I wouldn't mind it at all. He could make our lineup that much better.

Are these new rumors or just the same whispers shooting around?

PS. Please feel free to enter a nickname when you comment.

Mexican Joe said...

Well Im still hoping this trade falls apart because we got a future Grady Sizemore or Carlos Beltran that we are trading away I want to team sizemore or Beltran up with Ichiro but hey adam Jones will do just fine

Rob T. said...

churhcill said the orioles hangout people were right that jones passed his physical but the orioles are going to wait till monday to announce the trade.

AgentO said...

The Orioles Hangout site is pretty credible. I post there all the time. Our insiders are usually on most of the time.

When they are off, it is because something fell through on someone's end (usually the O's side), but you hear about it in the paper the next day or so that we were trying to do what they had said we would do.

So I suppose the long story short, it appears this misery is about to end.

I am not sure about the 6-2 trade, if you do get 2 from the O's you are probably looking at Jay Payton or Freddie Bynum, and we would be taking a low level prospect. So nothing extra there.

And the O's will probably won't get Pie from the Cubs. You are probably looking at Gallagher, Murton and Cedeno. Something along those lines. Sub Cedeno and Murton for similar players. Gallagher is the consistant though.

Anonymous said...

For all we know, Churchill could have read this post or dug into Orioles Hangout himself.. his comments in his sidebar don't exactly sound like he heard it first hand.

"Adam Jones has apparently passed a Friday physical in Baltimore.."

The way Churchill seems to operate, he would have said somethine like "My sources are telling me that Jones passed his physical..." if that were the case.

I'm surprised there hasn't been any media mention of this so far. Geoff Baker didn't barely mention Bedard in his last post.

Anonymous said...

also, the Mariners have no room for Bynum or Payton. Assuming this trade goes through, we don't have a single spot open on our roster.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but as of Saturday Morning Feb 2, 2007 Larry Stone said no indication for physicals for any Mariner involved are on the horizon and Baker also says there's nothing new so as much as I want to believe it's going down, I'll wait till an official announcement.

I'll trust the initial forum poster at the times who's contact is the supposed Mariners travel person who issues the tickets for players over Belkast since the person at the times broke news way before anyone at OH and is on the M's side.

Anonymous said...

Larry Stone said there was no indication friday morning. things change fast. If someone says the word, an MLB player can be on a slight within 20 minutes.

Rob T. said...

newspapers cant write about stuff unless they can confirm it and mcphail and bavasi arent going to tell a writer anything.

Brett in Anacortes said...

Jon Shields,

You are right that the 40 man roster is full at this time, but the departures of Sherrill and Jones and the addition of Bedard will leave it at 39..

Anonymous said...

Brett: I was speaking of the 25-man

Brett In Anacortes said...

Jon, the 25 man roster is always full. That is why spring training exists - to set it.. It is adjustable, using any 25 of the 40 players..

Your rebuttal makes no sense..

But, since you seem to think you have a concept of who is making the team already - can you please provide the list of the 25 man roster?

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to sound like I know how it's going to shake down, but there isn't a lot of wiggle room. No, the 25-man isn't set, but it seems fairly predictable.

Assuming Bedard deal goes down and we lose Jones and Sherrill:

(5) starters: Bedard, Felix, Wash, Silva, Batista

(7) relievers: debatable... TBD

Kenji Johjima
Richie Sexson
Jose Lopez
Yuni Betancourt
Adrian Beltre
Raul Ibanez
Brad Wilkerson
Jose Vidro

That's 21 so far, then you have Willie Bloomquist, Miguel Cairo and Jaime Burke to get you to 24. That leaves one spot that will probably go to an outfielder. Sure, it could be Bynum, but the common theory is a Wlad/Wilkerson platoon, and I believe that Reed, Jimerson and even Mike Morse would be a better fit than Bynum. The only thing Bynum has on these guys is speed, but even then Reed and Jimerson aren't too shabby.

No, it's not set in stone, but there will likely be only one spot up for grabs unless someone gets hurt or another trade happens.

Also, many teams like to break camp with 8 bullpen members until the starters are a little stronger. If that happens again then there will be one less bench spot.

Brett In Anacortes said...

also, the Mariners have no room for Bynum or Payton. Assuming this trade goes through, we don't have a single spot open on our roster. - Jon Shields

It's pretty obvious that you were referring to the 40 man roster when you said this. Don't insult the intelligence of your readers.

Not being able to admit that you made a mistake is making you look cowardly and lacking humility.

I've got nothing against you and I enjoy reading the blog, so please don't patronize me.

Rob T. said...

From Peace21, Jones definately passed his physical, Bedard is in seattle right now, the deal will definately be done by monday. Note that Peace21's source is connected to bedard's agent.

ellis carver said...

Check out this latest RUMOR over at the OH. The thread was started by none other then Roy Firestone who posts pretty regular over there.

Here's the link:

ellis carver said...

Just to be clear, the post by Firestone linked in the above comment is not a report, just a piece of information that Roy was told about. NOTHING concrete, just something he has heard and I think he was checking over at the OH to see if any of the "insiders" had heard anything about it.

17tomlampkin said...

brett and jon, in all fairness i'm pretty sure that jon was referring to the projected 25 man in which case there isn't a lot of room especially for another outfielder.

Anonymous said...

brett: I assure you I was speaking of the 25-man. If we were to add said players and there wasn't a spot on the 40-man, it's not all that difficult to make room.

I have no problem with admitting when I am wrong. I really don't see how you can be so certain about what I was talking about since I was so vague.

I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, I wouldn't want that on my own blog. I was referring to the 25-man roster, and that's that. If you don't want to believe me you don't have to, it's no biggie.

Anonymous said...

rob: that forum is so flooded right now I can't find anything. any help?

ellis: that seems much more like speculation and hearsay than a solid rumor.

is there such thing as a solid rumor? haha.

ellis carver said...


Rob T. said...

All his comments are on this page.

ellis carver said...

I really want to believe these guys' sources. But, I'm just going to go with Stone and Roch. I'm not counting on anything happening. If it does, that'll be great, IMO.

furryburres said...

The O's would not add Roberts and only get 1-2 extra players, except if they were some combination of Clement/Morrow and Triunfel.