Sunday, February 3, 2008

Adam Jones Finally in Baltimore?

The Seattle P-I had this to say today:

Mariners outfielder Adam Jones traveled to Baltimore on Sunday, a source said, presumably to undergo a physical examination that originally was scheduled for Jan. 29.

A clean bill of health would be the last hurdle standing between the Mariners and Orioles and one of the most significant trades in franchise history.

The Mariners would get left-handed starting pitcher Erik Bedard in exchange for five players, highlighted by Jones and left-handed reliever George Sherrill. The Mariners also would send three minor league pitchers to the Orioles to complete the deal.

Some are saying that Jones already took the physical and he's in Baltimore for the press conference, but does it really matter? This deal is finally getting done and we should have a better idea of what's going on tomorrow.

I have just one question to ask: Why haven't we heard anything about a Bedard physical? He's the one with injury issues.

UPDATE: 2/4/08, 12:40 AM - According to The Baltimore Sun "a source familiar with the talks" said that no players involved have taken phyicals yet.

Considering the above P-I entry was posted pretty late, this statement could have been gathered before Jones was in Baltimore. This makes sense since this info was obviously saved for the Monday edition. Another possibility is that this "source" is just keeping quiet. Do I dare suggest that this source is correct?

The drama continues.

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