Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stone on Bedard Trade; Rumors

First of all, Larry Stone of the Seattle Times wrote an article about the proposed Erik Bedard trade. A couple items of note:

  • Adam Jones never went to Baltimore for a physical, according to Stone.
  • Stone appears certain that George Sherrill, Chris Tillman, Tony Butler and Kameron Mickolio are in the current deal.
No disrespect to Larry Stone, but I don't believe anything at this point. Maybe Jones was in Baltimore, maybe he wasn't. I'm not saying I believe Friday's forum "reports" over a reputable sports journalist, I'm just saying nothing is certain.

There are also some other crazy rumors out there today regarding a possible 6-for-2 deal that may or may not include Brian Roberts, and there is also something out there about Erik Bedard currently in Seattle.

The Roberts thing has been going around for a while but has recently been gaining steam. It wouldn't surprise me, because the Mariners could stand to upgrade at second base. If Roberts was added to the deal we would probably see one of the above pitchers dropped from the proposal, and possible Carlos Triunfel and Jose Lopez or Yung Chi Chen being added.

I'll reassess these rumors after I get some sleep and see if there is anything worth elaborating on. Please don't get too excited. We could all stand to learn from the headache that has been the last couple of weeks.

UPDATE: 11:30 AM - I just want to be clear in that there isn't much behind either of these rumors. The 6-for-2 could be true, but it would more likely be an extra outfielder or something coming back from Baltimore, not necessarily an All-Star second baseman. Of course, everyone would rather talk about Brian Roberts than say, Freddie Bynum.

Erik Bedard currently in Seattle? I'm skeptical. The rumor was based on a few vague comments by one of those Orioles Hangout "insiders."

Just remember, nothing is as it seems! We should know in the next 48 hours or less. Don't count on anything big breaking today. I guess there is a big important football game going on, or something.

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