Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bedard Named Opening Day Starter; Norton Signs

posted by Jon

Pitchers and catchers report today! Baseball season!

Erik Bedard was named Opening Day starter by Seattle manager John McLaren, according to multiple sources. McLaren cited "experience" as his main reason.

This is a surprise to me. I really thought that King Felix Hernandez would get the call. Erik Bedard made it clear upon arrival that he had no problem sitting shotgun to Felix, and there was a theory that Felix could use the self esteem boost and motivation that comes with pitching first in the rotation.

In other news, Seattle signed veteran Greg Norton to a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training. He's a very good pinch hitter with some decent pop from the left side. He plays primarily first base, but can play third and the corner outfield spots in a pinch.

I'm having trouble finding the logic here, as there was plenty of competition for the bench already. Should Norton make the team he'll almost certainly be joined by Willie Bloomquist, Miguel Cairo and Jaime Burke, potentially bumping Wladimir Balentien, Mike Morse, Jeremy Reed and others off the roster.

Compare this signing to the Roberto Petagine and Dave Hansen acquisitions of the past.

Personally, I hope he doesn't make the team; though I wouldn't be surprised if he does.

I have one last thing just for chuckles. Jim Street writes, "The DH position was an offensive bright spot for the Mariners in '07 [...]"

How can it be a bright spot when there was a season long power outage?

Street also describes Vidro as an "Edgar Martinez clone." Wow.

P.S. I'm still working on rewriting that "monster post" from a few days ago.


jp17 said...

Greg Norton is a switch-hitter who hits better from the LH side.

Anonymous said...

thanks JP. I had thought he was left handed, but when I looked him up I must've confused the "B" for a "R" when seeing which side he hits from.

Makes more sense...

Rob T. said...

I thought Norton always sucked but in 2006 he had a very good year.

Anonymous said...

I'm really getting tired of these signings Bavasi is making. I want to see a few of the kids play this year. Morse needs some PT!!

Rob T. said...

Calm down, every team in the league signs a bunch of guys to minor league deals.

jp17 said...

I can't wait until people stop yapping about every NRI signing as a negative and overvaluing non-prospects such as Morse.

Anonymous said...

Morse has done nothing but consistently hit .300 when given the chance to play. I guess I just don't see the point in making a signing like this...maybe he'll do good, probably not though...then we lose money. End of story.

Rob T. said...

But we don't lose any money. If a guy is signed to a minor league contract and doesn't make the team he doesn't get paid at all. Even if he did make the team he would only make the league minumum.