Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bedard to Take Physical Today

posted by Jon
Last Updated: Wednesday, 6:19 pm PST
"Bedard is supposedly in Seattle after all"

Roch Kubatko has an update on his blog. Looks like Erik Bedard will finally get his physical out of the way today.


I realize that it's just one day after Jones and Sherrill got theirs. This ordeal has seemingly lasted an eternity.

This is good news. Depending on how early Bedard gets to Seattle, assuming the physical is taking place in Seattle, we could have an announcement today. Cross your fingers!

I'll probably be tacking related updates to the bottom of this post, so you feed users have to remember to check back manually. It's tough, I know. MLBTR has been doing it to me all week.

UPDATE: 6:59 am - This was actually from before Roch's blog. I've never been so encouraged just to see the word "agreed." The Baltimore Sun:

The Erik Bedard trade saga dragged into another day, but it finally appears set for resolution. The Orioles and Seattle Mariners have agreed to the framework of a deal that would send Bedard to the Mariners for five players, including young outfielder Adam Jones, according to two league sources.

UPDATE: 5:53 pm - Geoff Baker, Shannon Drayer and the Baltimore Sun have all recently said that Erik Bedard is not yet in Seattle. We may have to wait until Thursday for that ellusive official announcement.

At this rate we might, just might, have Bedard by the All-Star break.

UPDATE: 10:02 pm - Frequent commenter and rumor fiend Rob T. says he just heard on XM Radio that Bedard caught a late flight and is currently in Seattle, and the deal could be announced tomorrow after all. This is completely unverified, but I do trust Rob. Can anyone verify this?

Some of the Seattle media tend to blog pretty late so hopefully someone will pick up on this in the next hour or two.

UPDATE: 2/6/08, 6:57 am - The Baltimore Sun has reworded the first paragraph of this article, changing it from "tonight" to "last night," indicating that Bedard is yet land in Seattle.

More later, I'm sure.

UPDATE: 12:09 pm - From what I can gather from local radio and this ESPN report, Baltimore won't have Erik Bedard fly to Seattle until they decide whether or not they're happy with the physicals of Adam Jones and George Sherrill.

Maybe they've decided that already. Orioles Hangout has heard the same XM Radio report mentioned above, but there have been no coinciding reports since last night.

Roch Kubatko is "guessing" that Bedard will be in Seattle today.

UPDATE: 3:32 pm - John Hickey is saying Bedard may not travel until tomorrow, and an announcement isn't expected before Friday. That goes well with this report, though the Orioles Hangout insider thinks the deal will be announced late tomorrow.

I'll believe it when I see it. Anyone wanna volunteer to camp out at Sea-Tac?

UPDATE: 6:19 pm - Jason A. Churchill of Prospect Insider said in a comment on his site that the XM report was true, and that Bedard was in Seattle as of 5:56 pm PST tonight.


Rob T. said...

Geoff Baker was just on espn radio and said he was told bedard is in seattle today but he can't confirm it.

Rob T. said...

On XM radio they said bedard took a late flight in and is now in seattle to finally take his physical and the deal should be anounced tomorrow.

Jon Shields said...

Rob, you are a media feind.



Rob T. said...

They heard it over at orioles hangout also.

Jon Shields said...

strange... ESPN is the latest to say Bedard never left.

the plot thickens..

Rob T. said...

Peace21 said that he just talked to his source and he said bedard was just informed to get on a plane and take his physical tomorrow. There should only be 1 more day of this madness.

Jon Shields said...

we'll find out soon enough, hopefully.

few "sources" have given any good info in regards to this trade.

Those OH "insiders" may have been accurate in the past, but they have mostly whiffed on their Bedard/Jones reports, IMO.

Rob T. said...

Churchill just said this:

"The XM Report is correct on Bedard. He’s in Seattle right this second (5:56 PM Pacific, Wednesday)"

Anonymous said...

please Bedard dont pass your physical!!

Rob T. said...

seattle pi blog said bedard got on a 7am flight and should have just arrived in seattle.

griffeystiffy said...

Griffey Stiffy,
The Seattle Mariners are ready to welcome Bedard. He can win 20 games this season if the fans getout to the ballpark and scream
for the hometeam! Go Mariners!!!