Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bedard Finally in Seattle!

My last entry (and the seven updates that were tacked onto the end) went a little something like this:

Erik Bedard will likely be in Seattle for his physical on Tuesday.
Erik Bedard is not yet in Seattle.
Erik Bedard will not come to Seattle until Angelos is happy.
Erik Bedard will be coming to Seattle on Thursday.
Erik Bedard is actually already in Seattle.

That was so much fun that I figured it was time to start over and do it again!

Today John Hickey and Geoff Baker are confirming that Bedard was on a flight for Seattle this morning, and he should be in town right now.

Baker says the physical will take place over a two-day span, meaning the announcement or press conference won't come about until Friday afternoon at the earliest, and possibly even on Saturday.

At this point, don't be surprised if this drags out until Monday, but a weekend announcement would suit me just fine.

I'm sure there will be more. I'll tack the updates to the top of the post this time. Check back!


Anonymous said...

I want to say "finally", but I just can't.

southern cali M's fan said...

Yeah I agree

Mariner freak said...

what in the world is going on?

erik said...

Man i dont even want Bedard any more he could take a hike!

Anonymous said...

Lets go after junior

M's fan said...

Ken Griffey jr we should huh

bill said...

lets do it

DrivinDave said...

I'm getting jacked thinking about the possibility of our rotation,it could be the beginings of a wonderful thing.As long as Bedard doesnt take a big Jason Shimt on us with an injury or something this could be fun.
I really enjoy your site here way better than all the crying and moaning I read on the other mainstream glass is half empty sites .Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

drivindave: Thank you. That's what we're going for. If it's going to happen anyway, be optimistic.

Dustin Shires said...

Not to be a total a-hole towards USSM, but they are so dang pessimestic. (/end rant)

Rob T. said...

Ken Rosenthal and ESPN News said the deal is finally done. Its about damn time.