Monday, February 25, 2008

Rotation Determined

posted by Patrick

The 2008 rotation is set as follows:

Erik Bedard (L)
Felix Hernandez (R)
Carlos Silva (R)
Jarrod Washburn (L)
Miguel Batista (R)

So we've got a 16-game winner from last year pitching in the fifth spot... cool!

There is no doubt that the lefty-righty dynamic played a factor here. John McLaren pointed out that back to back lefties did not work out last year.


Anonymous said...

whats up with the new site?

Anonymous said...

It also didn't help that Horacio Ramirez was one half of that back-to-back pair of lefties. I doubt a hypothetical combination like Bedard/Santana would be quite so problematic... ;-)

Rob T. said...

The point with the lefties is if you have two soft tossing guys like washburn and ramirez the hitters will adjust. In games Wash started after Horam he had a 4.69 ERA and in games he started after one of the righties he had a 4.06 ERA.

Patrick Whealton said...

Jon is going to be delving in to preparing the site hopefully in the next week or two.

Brian said...

It's exciting knowing this year that our starting pitching will at least give us a chance to win about 75% of the time this year...As opposed to having two guys starting last year who might of gave us a chance to win 33% of the time...