Monday, April 7, 2008

Fill Me In

posted by Jon

Hello all, I'm back from my weekend getaway (Friday through this morning) to the always fun Vancouver, British Columbia. The Granville scene is still as awesome as ever and country Sunday nights at the Roxy still suck. Ended up hanging around and interacting with several Vancouver Canucks players on multiple nights too, which is pretty cool I guess. They're a pretty intimidating crew when they came rolling up to the club.

I have 400+ unread articles in my Google reader, so it may be awhile to be caught up with the Mariners and baseball in general, but it appears that there is much to talk about. Mariners get swept by the Orioles? More bullpen mismanagement? Felix takes himself out of a game? This is just what I'm hearing, so maybe you could all fill me in. I would love to read your take on what has happened in the last few days.


Brandon said...

Mac is costing the M's wins...but i guess this isn't new news...

ellis carver said...

IMHO, Jon, baseball is a funny game and funny things can happen. This won't make you, and other M's fans feel better at the moment, but these things tend to even themselves out over the course of 162 games.

As an O's fan I'm hopeful that my team is better then nearly every media person and expert thought they would be, but in reality, I'm just going to enjoy this nice stretch...

Now, I can't say I was able to watch every pitch of every game, but I did see a good chunk of the series and overall it was very closely played. Pretty much each of the four games could have gone either way. At this particular moment the O's bullpen happens to be "en fuego" and they got some of those timely hits. That's really it.

If I was an M's fan I'm sure I'd be pulling my hair out, but really the starting pitching was pretty good (Felix was incredible), and I'm sure the bullpen will right it self pretty soon (or is it mostly just O'Flaherty?). Hopefully J.J. won't miss more then what is necessary and he will be just as effective upon his return.

With the way Felix and Silva have pitched so far, if Bedard turns in a strong performance tomorrow (and if he truly is okay), I think you guys will be set up nicely once again. In the long run, I really think that the Felix/Bedard combo will cary this club.

I suppose the offense is a bit troubling, but IMHO they should be good enough to go along with that solid pitching staff.

ellis carver said...

PS - Looking ahead. It looks like you guys will have Hernandez, Silva and Bedard going in the Angels series that follows the Rays series.