Monday, April 7, 2008

I've Had a Revelation: Bring in Bonds

by Patrick

Ever since talk of Barry Bonds signing with another team started, I have been among the super-majority of M's fans flat-out rejecting the idea of Barry Bonds playing for the Mariners. I've always said that the Seattle skies are already too overcast to add another black cloud, but after reading this article by Jim Caple of ESPN, I'm sold on Bonds. Please read with an open mind because, if you do, you will probably realize just how well Barry Bonds fits into the DH role in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys nuts?!!? Bonds is NOT the answer (unless it's for jailhouse trivia). He would tear your clubhouse to pieces.

Your Bullpen needs work, and your coaches need to work on defense. The M's have good starting pitching by what I saw the last four days, but no BP, and defensive lapses that had me cheering and scratching my head at the same time (their offense is fine, by the way).

And you may recall how I said Bedard was made of glass some time ago, and you all went nuts? Watch what he does. By July, he'll have "tightness" in his arm and take three weeks off. It always happens.

-Orioles Fan-

Patrick Whealton said...

I'd want to take three weeks off if I played for the Orioles too. Most Mariner fans disagree with signing Bonds and I understand why. Up until today, I was completely against it. The fact is that 2008 Vidro will not be 2007 Vidro, and even if he is, it will be way below average for a DH. Bonds brings walks, on-base percentage, and some power from the left side which is EXACTLY what this team needs right now.

Anonymous said...

Pat: He just missed a start with "soreness" to his hip.

Getting the picture yet?

Dustin Shires said...

Next Mariners game I go to, look for me... I'll be wearing colors that blend in with the roof, I'll be laying down weilding a .50 cal Marine sniper, and I'll be looking for my shot at McLaren.

For the life of me I have no clue how he is a manager in the MLB...

Anonymous said...

ESPN won't stop on the idea of Bonds going to Seattle, but it's not going to happen. I blogged earlier that the organization already said they wouldn't under any circumstance. ESPN thinks that Seattle is the best fit, but Seattle has internal options to upgrade at DH, so it would be ridiculous to bring Bonds in. I hate Bonds and would never want him on the SEattle Mariners.