Friday, April 11, 2008

"April Baseball, October Intensity"

The promo's for this Mariners/Angels series on seemed a little cheesy. October intensity in April? C'mon...

Tonight's game, game one of a three game set, certainly lived up to the promo's slogan . What an exciting game! Felix Hernandez emphatically striking out Vladimir Guerrero three times. Raul Ibanez with a pair of absolute blasts into the right field seats. An amazing defensive play in which Adrian Beltre makes a diving stab, tags out Garret Anderson before weilding and nailing Macier Izturis at first base for the double play. Exciting hussle doubles by Jose Lopez and Vladimir Guerrero. A fantastic defensive play by Angels shortstop Erick Aybar in which he robbed Yuni Betancourt of an RBI single deep up the middle by flipping the ball to second for the force. A very exciting game, and I'm glad I was able to watch it.

There was certainly a "playoff atmosphere" that engulfed this ballgame. There was a level of excitement and energy that we had yet to see from most of the players. These two teams know they need to beat each other, so hopefully the rest of the games will be as exciting as this one. Stay tuned!


Tyler C said...

I just blogged the same thing.

28,000 fans sure makes it seem like a playoff atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you reading 'n' all, but you sure do copy a lot of what I do here. From a lot of the titles of you posts, to the Series Previews being practically identical in format. Even you current poll is the same as BBT's. By all means write about the team you love, but I urge you to dig deep and find some originality. And please stop spamming your site here. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

it was a playoff atmosphere and no one really talked about it on sportscenter or baseball tonight... everybody just pays attention to the Yankees and red sox what the hell dont they know that the Mariners and Angels are also two exciting teams it was a very good game if the media wanted to they could make this a very good rivalry even bigger than what it already is!

Quinn said...

Jon, thank you! Tyler, at least cover it up. That's blatant.

Tyler C said...

Ok. 'I copy a lot of what you do'.
I had the post done about the MLB headline two hours before I came across it on your blog. I've had the Series Preview idea ever since I started my blog months ago. I could say that you copied me. I've had the poll question for my blog picked out from the beginning of spring training. I hadn't been on you blog in like two weeks during which I put that poll question up. If it came across that I was trying to copy you, then I'm sorry because I thought that it would be an original poll question at the time.

The fomat I chose was picked out a long time before I came across your blog. I had the series preview idea from when I started my blog, and a friend of mine gave me the idea as to how I should lay it out. I didn't copy you, or try to in any way.

As for the originallity. Do you cover the Mariners from a fantasy perspective? No. Do you review each series? No. Do you look at what has happened around the league other than the Mariners? No. You can't say that I don't have original ideas, because I haven't seen any of what I just mentioned anywhere.

How am I spamming you? Leaving a link to my blog is 'spamming you'? Jason Churchill has left comments on my blog that link back to his site. So, whould I write him up and say stop spamming me?

Quinn: I was being sarcastic, and not blatent. Maybe you should 'cover it up'.

Anonymous said...

Do you really want to do this Tyler?

My series preview key points vs. your key points:

keep up the good starts vs. good starts from the starters.

take advantage of the absent aces vs. go after injury replacements.

time for wilkerson to wake up vs. time to drink a diet pepsi (about wilkerson).

the layout is identical and i have a hard time believing that this is coincidence.

also, i didn't say you copy everything, as there are a lot of things you do that i wouldn't bother doing. yes, you have some original ideas.. why not make them all that way.

and don't give me that crap about you coming up with your ideas "a long time before you came across" this blog. you SPAMMED your site here right when you started it.

Tyler C said...

Is it a problem that I'm trying to have a somewhat intelligent conversation about the Mariners?

As usual for pretty much everyone, you assume that I take your ideas. You think that I take all of your ideas. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that maybe we both have similar ideas about the Mariners, or do you just take the easiest way out possible and assume that I take all of your ideas?

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying a lot of things line up so closely that coincidence seems unlikely. I'm not just talking about this site either, it seems like a lot of your stuff is eerily similar to some other sites too.

I'm not going to fight about it all day, just do your best to have your own ideas. And if you want to leave a link here, just make sure it's very relevant. The one on this thread is boarderline I guess, but in the past you have blatantly spammed on this site so you have a short leash.


Tyler C said...

What other sites have ideas that are 'eerily similar' to mine? Because I haven't noticed it.

I'm sorry if you feel I've 'blatently spammed' your site, but as I mentioned, I'm just trying to talk Mariners here.

Quinn said...

Wow, holy war. And I think Jon has the upperhand, being the original one and all...