Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MLB Predictions

Jon's Picks:

AL East: Boston Red Sox
Hard to pick against the defending champs. They have another good squad, despite a shaking rotation. A great lineup, a big year from Manny and a very good looking bullpen will put them at the top of the standings once again.
AL Central: Cleveland Indians
I was picking the Detroit Tigers to win the AL Central and was foolishly calling them the best team in baseball after their flurry of offseason moves. Their offense is the best in the league, but can they score enough runs to cancel the effect of a nonexistent bullpen? They have absolutely no quality relievers to get the ball from their starters to Todd Jones, their aging and oft-ineffective closer.
AL West: Seattle Mariners
I was skeptical coming into the season, but I think Los Angeles' injuries to their rotation and bullpen put us over the top. Our rotation and bullpen will be as solid as ever, and hopefully we'll get a mid-season offensive boost from one of two power hitting prospects and/or an available veteran outfielder.
AL Wild Card: Los Angeles Angels
I want to go with Detroit, New York or Toronto here, but I guess I'm buying into the theory that there are too many good teams in the East and Central for the Wild Card to come from either division. The Angels could end up with more wins, despite being the inferior team. The unbalanced schedule has caused an unfortunate glitch in the Wild Card system.
AL Pennant: Cleveland Indians (or Mariners, whatever works)
Is it wrong for me to pick against Seattle on my own Mariners blog? The Mariners, as of Opening Day 2008, are obviously not in the same level as the top AL Central and East teams, but I suppose they could be after some trade deadline deals. Seattle's one-two punch of Bedard and Hernandez would be deadly in the playoffs, but I'm not quite ready to make these bold World Series predictions until (maybe) the next couple of seasons. Basically, Seattle could surprise but I'm a coward and doing my best to appear unbiased.

NL East: Atlanta Braves
Everyone wants to pick the Mets after their Johan Santana acquisition, but I think the Braves are a much more balanced team. It may be a crapshoot between the Braves, Mets and Phillies, but I think Atlanta flies under the radar and steals the division.
NL Central: Chicago Cubs
The Brewers have a some firepower in their offense, but I doubt it's enough to plug the other holes on their team. The Cubbies have what it takes to try and end their World Series drought, and they'll only improve if they can finally acquire Brian Roberts mid-season. Good lineup, good rotation, good bullpen.
NL West: San Diego Padres
Maybe I'm not as educated on the NL West as I should be, but this appears to be another crapshoot between the Padres, Rockies, Diamondbacks and Dodgers. I was very tempted to pick Arizona, but then again I was also inclined to take the Dodgers. For now I'm saying that San Diego's rotation, anchored by Jake Peavy, Chris Young and Greg Maddux , will once again lead the league in shutouts and have just enough offense to get them by. Plus the late help they'll be getting from Mark Prior could prove to be huge for them down the stretch.
NL Wild Card: New York Mets
I dunno, they seem like they should find some way to get into October. If I use the same logic I did in the American League I would be picking the Brewers to win the Wild Card.
NL Pennant: Atlanta Braves
All of the contender's rotations look very good for playoff baseball, I just like the Braves this year.

World Series: Indians over Braves in 6
A rematch of the 1995 World Series, minus guys like Orel Hershiser, Greg Maddux, Fred McGriff, Jose Mesa and Albert Belle. This time I see the Indians taking the title, though. How can you pick against the American League anymore?

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera, DET
Is it stupid to pick against A-Rod? Cabrera will have the numbers, and if he gets Detroit into the playoffs and A-Rod's Yankees miss out on playoff baseball, I don't see him losing it.
AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez, SEA
A little bias never hurt anyone. My gut is now telling me that this is going to be a breakout season for King Felix, despite my earlier preaching that his demotion from team ace would hurt him. With Haren and Santana moving to the National League his odds just got better, but he'll still have to fend off a fellow Mariner, Cleveland's big man, the top three guys in Toronto and top two in Boston, plus several others.
AL ROY: Evan Longoria, TB
This year's Ryan Braun, or was that Josh Fields? Longoria won't be in the minors for long, and he'll surely get lots of chances to contribute on a very good Tampa Bay team.
AL Comeback: Lyle Overbay, TOR
I was tempted to go with Big Richie here, and I have elsewhere, but that is a little homerish. Overbay had the worst season of his career last year, but is just one year removed from hitting .312 with 22 homers and 92 RBIs.

NL MVP: David Wright, NYM
This kid is great all around and could easily be chosen for the award, but there is a lot of stiff competition in the National League.
NL Cy Young: Jake Peavy, SD
Johan Santana is the easy pick for this one, but I'll go with Peavy here. Maybe he wants to prove he's still the best pitcher in the National League, and pitching his home games in Petco Park will only help him. However I will admit that I've picked Santana elsewhere.
NL ROY: Kosuke Fukudome, CHC
If he's half of what he's cracked up to be, he steals the award. I don't think that veteran Japanese players should be awarded the Rookie of the Year, but that's just how it goes.
NL Comeback: Nick Johnson, WAS
He's hitting 4th in a surprisingly solid Washington lineup. He'll hit for average, smack upwards of 40 doubles and around 20 homers. There are some other good choices in the NL though.

Go ahead and give your guesses. Will their be a prize at the end of the season? I doubt it. But it will be fun anyway. Maybe I'll send the people with the closest guesses some random Seattle Mariners memorabilia. If you want to try and win a $50 Amazon gift certificate then submit your answers here. I will be adding Patrick and Dustin's picks to this post when they get them to me, everyone else can post their guesses/predictions in the comment section.

I want to see some serious sleepers!

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Tyler C said...

My Predictions

ALE: Boston
ALC: Cleveland
ALW: Seattle

NLE: NY Mets
NLC: Chicago
NLW: Arizona
WC: Whoever doesn't win NLW

Sleepers: Toronto, Atlanta

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera Runner Up: Alex Rodriguez
NL MVP: Mayy Holliday
AL Cy Young: Sabathia Runners Up: Halladay, Bedard
AL ROY: Buchholz Runners Up: Longoria, Ellsbury
NL ROY: Fukudome Runner Up: Geovany Soto
AL Comeback: Lyle Overbay
NL Comeback: Randy Johnson Runers Up: Nick Johnson, Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Schmidt, Pedro Martinez