Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Question for the Readers

How do you want this site to run during the season?

Since this blog started during the offseason, I'm not sure how I want to go about doing daily games. I don't quite understand the point of having daily game threads and recaps, because anyone can pull up a box score or refer to half-a-dozen other Mariner blogs doing the same thing. The only point is to have a thread for readers to discuss the game before, during and after play. I was hoping the "Series Preview" thread would work for that, but it has already been buried by other posts.

What do you, the readers, think would be the best way to run the site on a daily basis and promote debate and conversation for the games?


topher said...

I would assume that most of your readers catch the game, or like you said can read a box score if they didn’t. So, maybe just talk about something that we might have not noticed, or something interesting. I don’t know an example from last nights game might be something like, Hernandez chance of winning a gold glove or good Hamilton actually is. This is just stuff I like to read about, I’m sure everyone else is different. Anyway, you write good, and I’ll probably read whatever you write.

Tyler C said...

I agree with what topher has to say. Here's a sample as to what I do on my blog.


drivindave said...

The articles you write I find interesting and well thought out.You not only talk about the game but also side notes,for exp., JJ's recent injury,you went into depth about it and I learned some new info.
Kudo's to you

Anonymous said...

you should do updates after each half inning or full inning because some people cant watch the game and some people would rather listen to the radio anyways it would be cool to read a blog and listen to the game at the same time

Anonymous said...

^I will do that occasionally like I did here, but it is pretty difficult to do unless you can really sit down for the game without any multitasking.