Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reed on the Block?

Interesting bit from Shannon Drayer today:

Of note, Jeremy Reed went 3 for 3 with a home run. Jeremy having a nice spring so far. The situation for him with the Mariners does not appear to be good as the team would prefer to have another right handed bat on the bench. The news not all bad though as there are a ton of scouts at every game, the B game included. Maybe someone will need what Jeremy can bring to a team.

Shannon doesn't come right out and say that Jeremy Reed is on the trading block, but keep in mind that she is the absolute closest reporter to the team. It seems like a pretty random idea to throw around if there is nothing behind it.

Reed is not out of minor league options, so there is no urgency to trade him. That said, he doesn't have a future with the Mariners after he blew his shot at starting and other fourth outfielder candidates have better suited for the Seattle bench. Who might want Jeremy Reed? It would be tough to go through every team and determine who could use a plus defender with good speed who hits from the left side. Maybe some other site will pick up on this and do the dirty work for me.

Reed could be a solid fallback if rival Oakland fails to bring in a veteran center fielder such as Coco Crisp or Juan Pierre. He has a similar skill set to those two, minus some speed and experience, but costs millions less.

If Boston does deal Crisp to Oakland, could they be interested in Reed as a fourth outfielder? I know they were interested in him as a starter before the 2006 season.


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why a Brad Wilkerson is a better option then Wlad in right? I know wlad has a better arm and stat wise I don't see anything great in wilkerson. Besides the fact that he is a left hander with experience. Wlad torched AAA last year why does he need to do it again? He also is beating up on everyone this spring. Dosn't Wilkerson make a better fit for the bench then WLAD? Wouldn't problems just be solved by starting balentien and bringin reed here and there

I tried using the NAME/URL and that wouldnt work for me. . . . . .

Anonymous said...

sorry, I forgot to reply to this same question on the Bench Battle post. Basically you answered the question yourself, "he is a left hander with experience." Seattle needed some lefty pop in their lineup, Wilkerson provides that. Wlad still has a big hole in his swing and struggles with pitch recognition. Another half-year in AAA will do him good. If Wilkerson struggles at all and Wlad is doing well in AAA, he'll find his way into the starting lineup.

Shadowcatcher said...

They prefer the crap shoot of injured veterans to the crap shoot of prospects. Not entirely sure why.

I'd love to see them move Reed, although I don't imagine he has a lot of value.

Grey said...

Wilkerson is a lefty version of Sexson, IMO. He's a rally killer.

BTW, I'm starting to get psyched for our league. Why isn't it 3/18 yet?