Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dickey Sent Back?

Prospect Insider's sidebar:

After conversations with a representative of a team that trains in Arizona, it appears that the Mariners have offered R.A. Dickey back to the Minnesota Twins and/or placed the knuckleballer on waivers.

If this information proves to be correct, this will be a move that surprises a lot of people. The media, enamored with the knuckleball, has been making it sound like Dickey was a lock to make the 'pen and slowly but surely had me warming up to the idea of his roster inclusion sometime in mid-March.

If Dickey's out then Cha-Seung Baek is in. Both pitched brilliantly this spring, so it's difficult to argue either way.

I'm not completely sold though. The aforementioned quote is more heresay and rumor than report. KOMO's Shannon Drayer wrote yesterday that "RA Dickey will get a look in the heavier air of San Francisco."

I'll keep you posted. Believe it? Don't believe it? I'm certainly skeptical. Would you rather see Baek or Dickey on the roster?


Anonymous said...

I call BS on this one. Geoff Baker of the Times says "its a given" that Dickey makes the club because of the fexibility he offers being able to pitch multiple innings and back to back days.

Jon Shields said...

^Yes just about everyone has called Dickey's inclusion a lock at some point. This would certainly be a surprise.

Brian said...

I'd much rather have Dickey...A knuckleballer in the pen can be a trump card...Not only can Dickey be a workhorse but he'll terrorize batters (and catchers) at times with the change of pace the knuckle presents...I just don't see how we could justify cutting him after how he's pitched this spring...

Jon Shields said...

Well, to be fair, you could have Josh Beckett as your long reliever and he wouldn't be considered a "trump card." It's mop-up duty.. when you're losing bad and need to eat some innings. The long reliever shouldn't come into many close ballgames except in an emergency.

And also, how can you justify cutting Baek after they spring he's had? Both guys have horrible MLB track records, good MiLB track records and amazing springs.

I think I do prefer Dickey at this point now that the catchers have shown the ability to catch him ok. It really doesn't matter either way though. it's not the position for the setup man or the LOOGY, it's long relief duty.

Brandon said...

When I was looking through my espn fantasy baseball team, there was a little news icon on dickey that said he's been offered back to the twins....don't know if they verified it or went by baker's claims though.

Jon Shields said...

Baker's claims? You mean Churchill's claims, right? Baker wrote in his blog today that he tought Dickey was a lock.