Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday's Ommisions (so far)


  • Just because Arthur Rhodes doesn't make the Opening Day roster doesn't mean he won't be with the big club as soon as he's ready, much to my dismay. Ryan Rowland-Smith is the answer here, not Rhodes. Manager John McLaren's undying loyalty to veterans is probably the worst trait he picked up from being Lou Pinella's right hand man all those years. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to sign Jay Buhner and Rich Amaral to minor league deals while they were down in Arizona.
  • Jeremy Reed is garnering some trade interest. Tampa Bay and San Diego are the two most talked about teams, though I'm not sure what we'd get back. Geoff Baker speculates that TB could send SP Edwin Jackson. There were rumors back in December that Jackson could be Seattle bound, but nothing came of it. I'm not sure what the point in having Jackson would be, but stockpiling young pitching is never a bad idea, especially when they have Jackson's upside. He would obviously have no spot on the current big league roster however, and I still think Brandon Morrow would get first crack at a rotation spot if something should become available.
  • Everyone is saying that Jose Lopez is likely to start the year in the 2-hole. My first reaction was a negative one, but I'm not really sure how I would feel about that. He has done well in that spot before, hitting .283 in 438 career at bats there, but he certainly lacks the patience and on-base skills of your ideal number two hitter.

There are something like four posts today, so make sure you don't miss anything! Let's get some discussion going though, it's been a little boring around here lately!


drivindave said...

Jon, keep up the good work you have some really good reading on your site, I check it just about everyday.
I'm glad Reistma is gone and Rhodes is down to rehab that way we can bring rhodes up only if we really need him and he's proving his worth in AAA.
I find it a damn shame that we got Turbo DH with the likes of a power bat of Balentein to be had.Seems like the management got themselves bound to him to the teams demise.
I scan around at some other teams spring training results and we just seem to be lacking in a big way,look at the angels for instance wow they are ready to go,(sorry Jon I was a little glad to hear of Escobar being out but only in a selfish team kinda way hope the best for him though)Thier offense is very potent.
I need someone to put my paranoid mind at rest this is spring training , I just need to keep repeating it to myself hehe
Later friends...

Rob T. said...

Churchill said Dickey was offered back to the twins.

topher said...

Why would we offer dickey back?

Rob T. said...

Because Dickey was a rule 5 pick so if Dickey doesnt make the team he has to be offered back to his original team for 25k.