Sunday, March 2, 2008

King Felix Contract Negotiations

I wasn't going to even mention this until things got more serious, but I decided I might as well before anyone asks about it.

King Felix Hernandez is finally signed for the 2008 season, and there are several reports that long term extension talks could begin soon.

Will Polidor, one of Hernandez's agents, will be at Seattle's Spring Training facility this morning, presumably to start long term talks.

"[Seattle] said they want to talk about a long-term deal. We're willing to listen. Maybe something can be worked out," said Polidor. He went on to say that Seattle has brought up the extension, but has yet to make an offer.

The extension would likely cover all three of his remaining arbitration years, and could even go four years to secure him through his first year of free agency eligibility.

Surely there are several reasons why a team would want to lock up their players. I would think that one would be to avoid the arbitration process entirely to stay out of any disputes. We've already heard superstars Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder complaining about how their teams were handling the process. The "King" could be the best pitcher in baseball one day, no need to take any chances with him.

Sources: John Hickey, Jim Street

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greyguy said...

It would be an excellent idea to lock up Felix now. He's going to make more money after his Cy Young season, which could be any year now.