Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Barry Bonds? NO!

I am so sick of hearing about Barry Bonds. The latest: USA Today implies that the Seattle Mariners could be the only match for the home run king*. The A's, Angels and Rangers are all reportedly on the record as saying "thanks, but no thanks" so I guess that leaves us. Bavasi has made some bonehead moves (and some good ones, to his credit), but I can't see him signing Bonds. It would be a PR disaster, team chemistry suicide and a huge waste of $10-15 million. Yes, Bonds can still knock out 25 or so homers in limited play time, and yes be one of the few players that would thrive at Safeco Field, but I just don't see this happening. First of all, USA Today said that the signing of Barry Bonds would rely on a trade involving Richie Sexson. This seems simple enough, because you couldn't waste millions of dollars on Barry Bonds before erasing the millions of dollars you wasted on Richie Sexson first. Second, with or without Sexson, the Mariners don't have room him, there is a clog between the left field, first base and DH positions. Third, even if we could afford him there is more pressing needs on this ballclub. Starting pitching, anyone? That's where the money should go. The fourth reason and probably the most important reason the Mariners won't sign Barry Bonds is the fact that we have a lot of young talent on this team, a few potential superstars in Jones, Clement and Balentien. Barry Bonds would show those guys exactly how NOT to go about their business, how NOT handle the media and how NOT be a good teammate.

Barry Bonds will not become a Seattle Mariner.

Barry Bonds will become a (drumroll..) Kansas City Royal. What? You read that correctly. No one else wants him, especially at his price. He'll have to take a huge paycut to play professional baseball in 2008, and the Royals showed interest in him earlier. They aren't yet contending again, they need ticket sales, and to Bonds' credit, he would add some pop to their lineup. If Barry Bonds plays again next season it won't be in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or any of the large markets. He will play somewhere where he won't get the attention he craves or a World Series ring.

UPDATE (11/16/07) - Now that Barry Bonds has been indicted, it is about as likely to see him in court than in a baseball uniform. We've likely seen the last of the home run king on the field, but you'll be hard pressed to avoid him on ESPN. BA-BON

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Anonymous said...

I HATE barry bonds but he is the best move for the mariners right now. he will bring fans to the ballpark everyday. for a cool 5 million we could sign him and we would sell at least 10000 more tickets a game. best business move for a team struggling in july and august.